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    What traits do you advise to use as elemental?

    I was theory crafting a little bit and I thought about 3x lava shock, 1x Igneous Potential and 2x Natural Harmony. I think that Synapse Shock and Sylvanas Resolve might be also somehow viable choice. I tested the secondary ring as well and Heed My Call isn't good pick anymore in my opinion. It's either Overwhelming Power or Unstable Flames.

    I didn't play a lot of games as ele after 50% trait nerf so I'd like to compare my view with others. How do you see it guys?

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    https://www.worldofwargraphs.com/pvp...al/2200-rating Here is a good external source, that shows you the most commonly played traits. As for BiS, it's a little to early to say as of now, as the patch has just been released.

    I think that by blizzard nerfing traits by 50% in pvp, they don't want them to make such a big impact, So I personally wouldn't stress too much over them.
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