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    Incomplete Articles and More

    Many of the class articles released for 8.1 still haven't been finished or didn't update to show the new azerite gear. Many say "Coming Soon" and have for almost a month.

    We won't see any huge changes between now 8.2. Can we see these updated?

    Old Azerite Gear listed in all articles (this refers to PvP rewards, unsure if rewards translate to new season gear with 4 rings)

    We could use a Season 2 Comp List.
    A quick once over of 8.1 Articles and if all content is still relevant, an updated 8.1.5 Title since we had some new Azerite Traits added.

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    Hey! All of our articles are going to be updated next week.

    As for comps, we're releasing our tier later this week!

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