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    Problems against mw monks in 2s as RShaman

    Hi there, I have huge problems with mw + melee comps in 2s. I'm playing with uh dk and of course we know that the uh dk dont really can support that much.
    Latest, at the 2nd crane we will die, because I need to use my link at the first one.
    I really tried all talents to survive it, but maybe someone can help me.
    Talents: 332(tied here also 1)2113
    Stats: 15% Versatility, 54% Mastery, 10% Haste, 12% Critical Strike

    For excample at 2k mmr war + mw: My dk opens on the war and I enter the fight firstly if my mate needs heal support. I try to pillar the whole game, but the monk will catch me after my earthgrab totem is on cd. They will stun me and start craning and I have to use my link totem to survive. I cant hex the monk in this moment otherwise I will die due to no incoming heal, sometimes I also have to use my trinket, too.

    When we survive it, latest at the next crane we will die because of stunlock + insane dmg income. There is no time to fake cast etc.
    The Monk isn`t slowable, rootable + if my dk will grip / stun the war he will be able to charge/leep back. Of course my Earth Shield is still up.

    My pref. talent choice for this comb: Grounding, Ancestral Gift + Tidebringer

    I often tried with T45 Spirit Wolf + PVP Talent wolf but the incoming dmg is also too much.

    What shall I do? Are there any tipps for me?
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    With the new mana changes, playing Tidebringer isnt really an option since you'll oom a lot faster than you'd initially like too D:

    Also! Something I've found, although having aura mastery via Ancenstral Gift is good, its not really needed. It's a good backup of course i cant deny that, however as a fellow healer player, its really good to get kicks out of the way while you're high hp, so when you're dropping a bit low they dont have stops for your casts and you can freely top your self.
    Have you tried playing swelling waves instead?
    I know you mentioned you die in stun locks. At which point its down to your partner to shut these go's down with his plethora of stuns and grips even pet root + pet stun if you're really in trouble. There's lots DK's can do to help his healer to live! (And i dont mean just for the monk who's craning on you, since more than likley his DPS will be doing more damage than the monk himself)

    As you're an Rsham i know how easily you can die to melees if not helped greatly, its down to your partner to help prevent these goes in the first place by kinda stopping them before it happens sorta thing. My example of this when i face rsham/x ~ i play with a ret paladin mostly, and when he uses wings, the DPS of the rshaman will do everything in his power to shut down this cooldown, may it be grips / slows / stuns / fears whatever they have available to them.

    My point with that is when you both see the enemy has cooldowns coming back up, you should prepare, try not to use your CC Beforehand or even try to pre-kite it, meaning get further away from them so they cant easily swap to you

    This question was posted pre mana nerf, monks now are a lot more cautious when craning so you should be a bit more alright, aslong as your partner shuts down these goes and stops you from instantly dying in them, and you live 2-3 of them while doing some damage / good interrupts.

    Tldr: General tips. Use your earthern totem, get kicks out of the way during this so you're not taking an insane amount of damage, then try and cast again, since you will most likley have a riptide + earth shield + earthern wall down on yourself, tanking kicks + stuns is COMPLETELY fine, once all this is out of the way top your self and go back to kiting.
    Note 2: Inform your partner that the only time you can realistically die is during crane and he should save things to try and peel it, or any major offensive CD's that you're particularly scared of that arena match!

    hope i could help, please tell me if i didnt

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    Hi Zenzy,

    Many thanks for your reply. I never tried swelling waves against it, but I will test it. Maybe pre-casting healing wave when the monk roles to me.
    We will also try to focus our grip / stun / slow while craning on the dps instead of the monk. Its logical that the DPS doing more pressure instead of the monk..

    One Question about your Tip: "Use your earthern totem, get kicks out of the way during this"
    I will safe my earthern totem for this moments, but what excactly do you mean? I should cast my heals and give a shit of incoming kicks?


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    Sorry for late reply!

    I simply meant that during earthern shield totem, you're generally taking a lot less damage, meaning tanking kicks during this AND while at high hp will greatly reduce the chance of you being in a situation where you find your self at 20% having to try and fake some kicks; which usually isn't a great spot to be in :s
    It's the same logic as "Get kicked at high hp so you dont have to fake kicks at low hp and randomly die" If you get me?

    I hope i could fill in the blanks for you!

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    I found success playing really agressive vs MW. I purge and cast a lot of instant Lavabursts. If I know his dps will sit on my dps I sometimes even play with 3x Igneous Potential as I main ele. I still play with Tidebringer though as I find it useful vs heavy burst comps and I still have 3x chain heal traits. If I'll get some Surging Tides and Turn of the Tide pieces I'll probably stop playing with it.

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