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    general strat rpx

    playing spriest rogue x

    whats general strat? pressure and dot everything? does rogue call swaps? how often should we be going healer as well? or is that mainly rogues job while spriest rots?

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    The general strat is to rot down the enemy team and make the enemy healer OOM, so playing to survive is the main goal.

    As the rogue, you normally will want to DOT all 3 targets and then go on a DPS to help your priest survive, your priest should Horror>Fear>Silence the enemy healer. If the healer is out in the open, and you have bleeds+VT on him you can swap to them with kidney>Silence.

    As the priest, you should play pretty defensive vs alot of comps and try to maximize your DPS, by getting those VT's out, and making sure to mindcontrol/massdsipel when your healer is in CC to buy you some more time. Remember to try to fake cast vs comps with alot of kicks, or you will struggle to have any VT uptime!

    As for the shot caller, that's entirely up to you. But your main kills will come from using Kidney+Silence so try not to use these randomly.
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    sweet thank you so much!!

    so my buddy also plays ww and i hear thats much better with spriest atm? does that kind of play the same way?

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    It plays in a similar way except the windwalker monk will have way more more single target pressure which means you will focus a bit more on setting up kills with cc.

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