I know I've just made a thread about it. But it seems already that most of that info has changed. I finally managed to catch Mgodx's stream (I'm usually at work because of timezones so it's hard) and he's gone back to succubus and vers stacking. Apparently he is just better at it or finds it more fun than other builds. But trying to armoury and research other top Demos and it's proving to be difficult. Apparently the new PvE thing is to stack implosion traits for all the haste and then stack mastery on your gear and to 100% play demonic consumption. Is anyone doing this for PvP as well? I've gone through a bit of the Arena tournament over the weekend too just to see that 100% of locks play Destro which is also very disheartening. But there are quite a few demos laddering high. So it at least seems to be viable.

How do I find the info I need??