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    Hunter BM

    Hello , i had a new rerool like a bm hunter.

    Any one can explain to me , what pet i need to play in BM,?

    Thx for advice , i had only play rdrood and sp ahahah

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    With the changes of pets i think in Legion or WoD it doesn't really matter what pet you have

    As long as when you tame that pet you see it has a mortal wound effect (Heal reduce) on its main attack!
    However you should try to get a spirit beast-esk pet, with access to the HP buff and healing, although this doesn't have an MS effect its good for some situations where you need that extra healing, double dps etc!

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    A hyena pet is great for BM since it gives both the Mortal Strike Effect and Master's Call (A freedom effect) which BM current lacks.

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