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    About WW.

    I know right now this is a good spec. My doubt is...is median/average class to learn? Or difficult? In comparison with Assa...is more, equal or less diffcult?

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    It's slightly harder than assassination but still one of the easier ones to play at an average level. The difficulty starts to increase as you get higher rated, mostly when you're targeted as you'll need to kite properly to not die against some comps.

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    I meant to ask a question regarding the survivability of ww as well. Even at low rating, rogue mage and meleecleaves tend to tunnel ww hard. Is it a good ideo to port straight away to deny their burst, heal up and then enter the battle again instead of karmaing?

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    As WW its realy hard for you to die, if you make use of your port correctly. If your healer is in CC vs rogue mage and they pop cool downs, its pretty much a guaranteed trinket port, or trinket karma. Also consider taking fortifying brew vs comps that you think will go you.

    Vs melee cleaves, if you don't have Karma and your healer doesn't have any defensives for you, you should simply run until you do.

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