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    Fire mage being main target

    I just started playing my fire mage at max level about a week now and i have decent gear so far am at 376 ilvl but i find my self having a issue living in 2's cuz i get trained cuz cuz the opp team doesnt want the greater pryos going and advice on surviving the main burst so my teams have a better chance winning the games i normally run mage with rogue/dh/ret/ and locks

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    Mage isn't realy meta in 2s right now, especially fire. I would recommend playing Frost/Rdruid, as for 3v3 I would say Fire RMPally or Frost RMD are your best comps.

    Consider taking the netherwind armor talent to help you survive a little better.

    If you insist on playing double DPS In 2v2, you normally need to run away alot to eat and drink.

    If your casting greater pyro, you should expect the enemy to kick you, so you want to try bait out their kicks with polymorph if possible so you can free cast.

    The main reason fire isn't so good in 2v2, is because you don't realy have powerful slows, only from flame strike.

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