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    Using Death Pact correctly.

    Hey guys, I always see top DKs take Death pact and swear by it but with the way the game is at the moment, why would you want to give yourself an undispellable Maledict for 15 seconds? Is it a "press it or die" ability reserved for extremely dire situations?

    When is the best time to use Death Pact correctly? I use it when I am at 40% and try to hide behind a pillar until my healer is out of CC but sometimes retreating after using/having enough deathstrikes to remove the absorb it is simply not an option and can actually kill me even faster as better players will instantly abuse it. So I am using either improved AMS or Wraith Walk instead most of the time.

    Any insight on how and when to use this ability to maximise its potential?

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    There isn't realy a golden rule to when to use this talent, I tend to use it as my last line of defence, as It will make it harder for your healer to top you.

    Vs teams with a caster in, I tend to play big AMS over deathpact.

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