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    Blind Fury vs Demonic Appetite

    If you were choosing between these 2 how do u determine which is best for 2v2 Healer melee group. I usually use blind fury with furious gaze how ever.. I think most comps just wait to int my eye beam and I lose the energy regen and the xtra time with eye is for nothing. Im feeling like maybe a shorter eye beam works better with the furious gaze as less time to a full cast and thus less time to interrupt. But.. in same token if I then spec into demonic appetite I get that Ill be more tanky from the soul frags and then prob use eye of rage to get more eye beams? Is this a case where u drop a revolving blade, thirsting blade, or chaotic transformation and go for both eye beam related talents if u run demonic appetite? if not which one u prefer .2s vs 3s

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    From speaking to other demon hunters, a lot of them tend to use whatever they prefer. You can get away with using any of the talents in the first tier. You could probably just take Blind Fury to matchups where you want to bait kicks or won't have to deal with kicks and you can take Demonic Appetite to matchups with more consistent damage and less burst.

    Also you won't be using Furious Gaze with the best set of items so don't worry about changing the traits that you're using. Stick to the default build (I posted it in your other thread) and just swap between Blind Fury/Demonic Appetite whenever you feel it's appropriate for the matchup.

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