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    How to beat WW in 2s

    Hey so currently playing at 1900-2k mmr as hpal/destro and currently the only teams we truly struggle against are WW teams. We can play near perfect juking every single kick etc.
    However eventually due to dampening and just the amount of uptime a WW has on me (warlock) I'll eventually just tumble. The only times we beat are by forcing the healer into a bad position and blowing them up in a hoj but that's not always possible.

    Does anyone have any tips on dealing with WW?

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    I'm quite sure about this but maybe im wrong, you should win nearly everything in dampening, since you have 2 schools, 1 being fear, 1 being chaos bolt, this monk shouldn't have as much uptime as you since he's either eating bolts or being feared.

    Be REALLY Aggressive during infernals, since this is the biggest damage you can do, instead of letting the healer come to you and be in a bad position, try and force him into a bad position by pushing in, maybe something like, coil him so he comes away from the pillar into a hoj, bop on you into a bolt or two.
    *Edit* I just saw you said "The only times we beat are by forcing the healer into a bad position and blowing them up in a hoj" As you said its not always possible but you should aim for this type of gameplay

    You can always Fear the WW So the healer dispels into a HoJ on WW monk, just so you can free cast some bolts into him for free, do this 1-2 times you'll force all his cds / kill them with the help of a little dampening.

    Use infernals quite early. I think this is quite self explanitory, but since the way 2's works; starting at 20% dampening, realistically most games usually go to 50-70% dampening with some exceptions, meaning, you can only get a limited amount of infernals out, and the way healers mana works and how people respond to infernals by running, you'll be forcing them defensive pretty early or even score a kill of they are ignorant of the fact that you can one shot them and making the healer spend more mana.

    Some Destro warlocks i face play succubus just so they have an extra line of CC to set up some free chaos bolts off when Counterspell is not needed, or even used to CC the healer (Keep in mind this Pet has a passive 50% slow thats applied every few seconds, this can help you get damage out, and prevent them from kiting as easy)

    Hope i could help

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