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    Havoc setup

    I've recently had a desire to pick up a dps class - my very first character was a warlock, and as I had one levelled already I want to go destro and start to arena.

    I'm setting things up - and one thing I've struggled with is Havoc. Currently I'm targeting a mob (not been arenaing just yet) put havoc on target another but this is obviously very inefficient.

    So - just wanted to ask more experienced locks how you have your havoc macros setup?

    arena 1,2,3 or focus? a mix of both?
    seems like there are loads of binds I'd need for 1,2,3 macros.
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    I personally just use a mouse over macro on the gladius frame. I don't think there is any right or wrong here. Just whatever you feel most comfortable with.
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    It all comes down to whatever you prefer, I know alot of people who purely use focus macros, but I for one I use Arena 1-2-3, aswel as focus havoc.

    I think the most important one, atleast for me is having counterspell/spell lock on Arena 1-2-3 aswel as having a focus CS.

    I feel most comfortable using CS on my focus binding, but If I need to CS a target who is not on my focus, its just faster to use the Arena 1-2-3, as apposed to swapping my focus target and then using CS.

    Shift 1-2-3
    CTRL 1-2-3
    ALT Q+W+E

    These are my go to bindings for arena 1-2-3 macros.
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