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    Problems against SP/warlocks

    Hello guys,

    I'm currently playing 3v3 with 2 friends doing Ele/Frost/Druid, everything is going quite well, getting close to 2,2K. However, we are having huge problems playing against SP and destro warlocks, because when we go offensively even with the right CC their pressure on us force us to play really defensive all time. We end up losing by OOM or healing reduction.

    Any advice about how to counter them or play against them?
    I isually get OOM really fast.
    I'm running Cyclone/overgrowth/Focused Growth

    thank you in advance

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    The issue you guys sound like you're having is that you are staying out in the open too long, your comp generally is considered a counter to things like sp destro because of the high amount of instant damage and slows you guys have.

    I suggest playing the most defensive talents possible and just aiming to run around the pillar all 3 of you avoiding every vampiric touch and chaos bolt, whilst in turn just aiming to lasso + orb somebody whilst keeping blizzards up, you guys are trying too hard to set things up and look for cc chains, literally aim to play not to win but instead not to lose.

    Do as little as possible, the only time they should even land casts on you is during either coil or psychic screams at which point you just rotate trinkets and land kicks.

    Also you can aim to get drinks off if required at any time, just talk to your team - the only thing able to stop you is the pet usually so just either get a root on it whilst you aim to go for a re stealth drink.

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