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    Enhancement viability in 3v3 atm?

    Has there been any sightings of Enhancement shamans at 2.4k+? I see some people starting to play Turbo but is it really viable for glad push this season? Turbo still a C tier subpar comp?

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    Tbh I wouldn't play enhancement for few reasons:

    -it has weak sustain damage and good but easily counterable burst - bloodlust
    -it is not in a good spot - there are many much stronger specs
    -warrior isn't in good spot either and enh doesn't work with hunter as good as it historicaly was
    -ww/enh/mw might be ok but it's better with ele and with dk

    Overall if you want to pvp as dps shaman go ele this season and if you want to play with the same friends you played in the past lvl up unholy dk so you can play TSG. It's much better than Turbo atm.

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    Enhance is realy underwhelming at the moment, I wouldn't recommend playing it. Ele is your best spec to push right now.


    These are most likely your best two comps right now.

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