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    Struggling against DH mana rift

    Any good advice to play against DH combs? Playing Ele/frost/druid. We actually are doing it quite well, but we just drop a lot against multiple melee cleaves of DH/DK DH/Warrior. Where usually we always lost because OOM because of the mana rifts of the DH over the druid 24/7.

    What so we do here? focus DH instead of warrior to put pressure on him and don't allow him to control our heal? Land CC on him is quite difficult because he is reflecting the polish and dashing/cutting the ciclones really easily. Any advice to play against them?

    Thank you so much!

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    I would recommend playing relentless. Try to play out in the open so it forces the DH into a bad spot and your team can nuke him down, as a warrior should have a hard time connecting to any of you.

    Whenever you get a chance you should be drinking, if your being harassed by the DH to the point where you are struggling to drink, ask your team to help, a simple Polymorph into frost nova/lasso/vortex should give you enough time to escape.

    Playing thorns could be a good also, but yes in that match up I would say the DH is your best kill target.

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    I feel slightly dirty - but decided to level a DH and have it as my alt. Partly to learn more about it in the hopes of finding ways of avoiding mana rift.

    As resto druid I've been running relentless, and against some DHs this has helped, reducing the number of mana burns they can get off. However, it does appear that when facing a good DH relentless is almost useless. To secure a mana rift they can:

    stun, rift, re-stun. or

    Go meta form for the haste and stun rift. (believe the rift will go off before you get out of stun).

    or take the detainment pvp talent, that extends the duration of imprison and is unbreakable, and wait till the imprison is half way through and then hit mana rift.

    So it's definitely more about having partner(s) that can slow/peel, buying you time to get away and drink.

    I was watching trillebartoms stream and he was running mass entanglement - would drag the DH out of line from his healer and insta root and get away - but I think a DH would be able to reverse magic every second one but on the ones that stick I guess it also allows the start of a cyclone CC chain on the DH.

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