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    Rdruid + WW monk facing Rogue + fmage

    EDIT: noticed there is a post about facing double dps as the comp i'm running, so feel free to delete, but thought it was worth asking more specifically about rogue mage).

    Looking for advice on how to win against this comp. I'd say it's a 90% lose rate whenever we face this.
    (i've run it is as rdruid and Mw monk with a ret or warrior partner)

    I've recently started running Rdruid + WW monk - and we seem to have slightly more success , which just means we live a bit longer before dying.

    Looking for a game plan to try and execute - possibly 2 game plans for when they open me, or for when they open my partner.

    Who should we be trying to kill? it seems whichever target we go, if we are having any success the other goes into peel mode and the other runs off and eats.

    Should we go rogue - and try to drag him round a pillar lining the mage as much as possible - or should my partner go mage and i hang back max range to try and avoid as much cc.... (which leaves me too far away when they kidney smoke bomb my partner).

    I do feel like feral affinity is good to run against this. (rake stun the opening gpyro if i'm not found in stealth.) . I rake stunned, got some bleeds up, then bashed the mage. but I'm wondering if I should stay in more, doing damage and forcing the mage to either DB me into ring or if he tries to cast another gpyro bash him at the end of cast.

    Would it be better to bleed the mage up, bash then bleed the rogue up?
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    Zenzy has some great advice on this. Key on this for us was the rdruid running feral and stunning the mage mid-gpyro on their opener. This wrecked their timing. Use the extra few seconds to start ccing whoever you can, rogue preferably, to close up half their damage. Also, dropping Karma (good karma) when they do figure out a cc chain on your healer will get you through. All damage is good damage.

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    Heya! Instead of me repeating my self for hours I'd like for you to read through this - http://www.skill-capped.com/forums/s...vs.-double-dps
    It's just as Citymiles says since he's the one who i originally answered this for, it covers all points if there's something thats missing or you feel you want to know extra just ask!

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