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    WW on WW

    What are some of the ways you approach attacking other ww monks? Karma their karma? Do you always go monk on monk? They tend to jump me while I tend to try to hunt their healer. And yea, I usually lose.

    Appreciate anyone's tips here.

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    From my experience playing with WW monks, the monks that train my monk generally lose, because it means my monk can just sit on their healer (unless its a druid)
    However if its ANY other healer except rdruid, you should just run at their healer (if the enemy monk is training you) You'll end up cleaving them, getting double stuns, doing WAY more damage than them, small things you can do however, is fists his fists, it'll still do damage do things around the enemy monk, but you'll also avoid the damage from his fists while still doing damage to the healer for example

    However if its a druid healer, basically meaning you cant sit on them and try and cleave, yeah you can hit him back, you can do offensive things like karma his touch of death, fists his fists, incap his fists. Karmaing his karma is actually a waste of karma, With some rare occasions where it'll actually be good but putting it as a rule of thumb will just make you die more often.
    Something that will VERY much help you kill the monks who think they can kill you, is always match your port with his port, so he has 0% chance of kiting you, You've gotta try and make it so he felt like you did before, where you felt helpless with them on you, There's lots you can out play as a monk vs monk and doing the outplays will actually put you ahead on damage.

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