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    Assa or sub for double dps ?

    Hey there,

    i'm looking for playing double dps with my friend's ret pally.
    I'm wondering assa or sub, wich is the best ? (we aim at least reach 2k2)

    Thank you in advance for your answer

    Edit : or with a ret pally, wich is the best dps except rogue ?
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    I made a post with something like this explaining the best 2's comps for sub rogue, and Yeah sub is the best for double dps 2's just beacuse you can set up kills with it, you have a lot more CC than Assa does, making it easier for your partner to do damage.


    There's a part about rets in there too! That explains how you should do it.

    Right now unfortunately i'd say thats the only comp that a ret can play with a dps (Answer to your edit) Maybe in the future we will see more double dps comps again!

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