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    Question WW/DK/x

    Struggling with TWD play style, around 2100cr on NA server, usually playing with MW healer.

    Are there any resources anyone can point me to that can help with target selection and openers?

    Generally speaking, my WW teammate is the kill target of the opposing team, which forces him to have to kite most of the game, and I feel like I'm playing with one less player on my team.

    Typically we get a kill in Grip -> Leg Sweep -> Touch of Death/Apocalypse, but we are frequently peeled or counter-stunned during these go's.

    As WW/DK should we be focusing on swapping to healers more? We've had limited success with swaps like that, even against resto druids in feral affinity because we just continuously get kited. Even if the healer has no trinket it just feels like we get peeled straight off our kill attempts regardless of him being in a stun....

    Any advice at all would be hugely appreciated, thanks in advance!

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    For your general setup you will want to grip the healer into leg sweep where possible, if their healer is max ranging, you can have your MW push in for incap>legsweep or use the DK asphyxiate onto their healer.

    Most teams will go on your WW as he is the only target on your team that can die pretty much until dampening, so you have to push in wisely. Most top WWDKs now are actually playing realy defensive, so this means if your ww does not have trinket/karma and your healer doesn't have trinket/cocoon you should try to play safe until one of you has a major defensive cool down back. The current state of the game tends to favor winning by dampening, or stopping the enemy healer from drinking.

    Normally you don't want to go healers in the current meta, unless you've tried going DPS vs that particular comp and had no luck, then sometimes going healer can be your only chance to win.

    The most important thing about WWDK is, you have to be patient and don't overlap defensives, rotating AMZ>Cacoon>Karma>WW Kiting you should be able to last until dampening most matchups, and then push for a huge burst when you have cool downs.

    Micro managing the pet as the DK is realy important aswel, if you can stop the healer from drinking by harassing him with dots or the DK pet.

    Vs caster teams, its realy important not to overlap your kicks aswel!

    I have personally achieved rank 1 on my wind walker playing WWDK last season, so if you have any more questions, or want to know the strats vs certain comps, feel free to ask!
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