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    Talent RDROOD + ELEM 2VS2


    What is the best talent in v2 with a elem in 2vs2?

    ACtually i played Focused Growth / cyclone / Revitalize vs melee+xheal

    Nourrish is fine in 2v? or i never need to take that for mana value?

    im at 2250cr and i cant up more ^^

    Somes times i take thorn if no purge.

    We loose hardly vs dk or monk

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    Focused growth + cyclone + thorns vs melee, Revitalize isn't enough healing for it to be in thorns's place, if you're against casters instead of thorns play master shapeshifter and feral affinity, since vs casters you can't really be caught out and the extra damage + stuns helps quite a lot.

    Nourish isn't that good in 2v2 since its a LOT of mana to consider, it can be fine if you KNOW you can get drinks, but otherwisely it's not worth it.

    Even if they have a purge, for example if you're against a priest/rogue, playing thorns is still WAY worth it, since its actually an issue for him to purge your thorns off. Since you have so many hots that he'll actually spend some mana trying to purge them.

    Try and play feral affinity a lot more, and with that master shapeshifter ( the honor talent ) and try and pump some extra damage, this'll help you win a lot more comps, just be careful about how aggressive you are since you generally have to work harder healing damage after its came as rdruid with some damp.

    Hope i could help!

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