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    Lightbulb Unholy 2's approach

    Hi guys

    New to pvp as a unholy DK in 8.1. My goal is to get a high 2s rating, currently at 1.5CR. My question is, as a unholy DK should my general approach be to train the healer every game when the gates open? If not, what classes should I be making the kill target in 2s/what healers should I not be making the kill target? For example in mirror matches when facing unholy and a healer I'm not sure if its right to fight with the dk.

    Many thanks
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    It's really dependant on how the game flows, a better way of saying this would be, is the healer pushing in? Is the healer max ranging, as a DK I've noticed aslong as you're hitting whats close to you, then your doing the right thing, in mirror matches, what i used to do to learn mirrors, (However im not a DK im a priest, but mindset still applies) Is copy whatever the enemy does, when they use a CD, you use a CD, Etc etc. This helped me learn what to do in X situations.
    *Edit, if the enemy dk is training you, aim to hit the healer too, Drag the DK ontop of his healer, meaning you'll cleave them more, and it'll give your healer A LOT of breathing room since he'll probably be far away from the enemy dk, so he cant get interrupted

    However! If its a druid, aim to hit the druid, if its a hpala, aim to hit the hpala, if its a disc, train disc all game, if its an rsham, cleave some, if its a holy priest, use all your stops to stop the greater heal cast, (NOTHING ELSE)

    But! It also depends on what the enemy DPS is doing, for example if there's an enemy assa rogue training your healer, you can sit the rogue all game and make him go defensive, then when he's defensive you can hit the healer a bit to make the rogue go YOU and get you off his healer, basically turning the game around

    Hope i could help!

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