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    Struggle against DK UH in 2s

    I'm playing Hmonk , usually with Arm warrior and we have a lot of bad times against UH (most of the time DK + Rdrood).
    I can't win the mana fight against Rdrood, my Warrior have a lot of trouble to connect to Rdrood so generally he's going on DK but it's impossible to heal this.

    Have some tips please ?

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    I've spoken to a few people about Warrior Vs Dk both with healers, and they tell me that (From the DK's PoV) Warriors are really hard for them, since trying to go toe-to-toe with an arms warrior is really hard, you don't neccisarily have to run at the healer all game, just hit whoever you CAN hit, if the healer is running in for CC, you can go to him to stop the CC and hit him a little.
    Just keep in mind, You have a healing reduce effect, so once you get to around 50-60% dampening nearly all healers will struggle to heal your damage if you're hitting anything at all.
    Tips for DK's would be to keep trying to drink, it will force the DK / Healer to run to you to try and stop you, meaning they're not killing your warrior, meaning your warrior can hit the healer (If the healer's the one trying to stop you),

    Additional tips would be, that you can set up kills on healers for your warrior, Incap Rdruid out of bear form, give your warrior 1-2 seconds to get close enough to charge, then leg sweep and crane on him, doing this enough times will eventually kill a healer, and if they escape, just hit the dk, doing this will oom most druids!

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