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    I've just levelled my disc and have played disc ret and disc ww with my arena partner.

    I liked playing with both - but when playing with ww, we seemed to get random wins outside of images and touch of death.

    I much prefer playing with ret though - BoP, freedom, sanc, offheals are fantastic.
    But - the damage of wings combined with dark archangel is amazing.

    Keep playing with rets - eventually you'll find a partner that you can build synergy with.
    Voice comms makes a huge difference - you aren't relying on your partners awareness, you can ask for BoPs and Sancs, and freedoms.

    I've been watching zen_priest (I think it's zenzy from this forum) playing with pickachu and they do some next level stuff (dom mind holy pala, bop him, drop dom mind, purge bop then ret hoj into wings is amazing - but also the coordination setting it up - e.g baiting kicks so that dom mind doesn't get interrupted, ensuring they only do this when the paly has no trinket).

    Id recommend watching some of his vods/streams. My arena partner and I have learnt a lot from watching zen and pikachu - but haven't even attempted the above - yet

    My partner and I now work around Go's. A go being wings/mini wings. Hoj into mini wings (preferably) on the healer, normally gets a panic trinket and a defensive. Then next go will be a full hoj, into wings and dark archangel.

    It doesn't have to be the healer either - yesterday we won a game when the enemy resto druid went off to drink. dragged rogue behind a pillar - no trinket or cloak available. and just 100-0'd him with wing and dark archangel before his druid could get near.

    Voice comms is great setting these off the cuff situations up - another example against another rogue druid team was my partner said he was going to burst - so I dom minded the rogue away, got his trinket and dom minded him again so he couldn't peel.

    short version: communication is key.
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