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    Is nourrish worth it ?

    Playing Rdrood / War Arm, generally Focuse growth , Thorns , Cyclone.

    We struggle against DK UH + heal because Of the crazy damage Of the UH + self healing + necrotic....
    Especially, with dampening, I find My hots healing nothing so I tried to play with Focused Growth and Nourrish, only using Nourrish at the end Of the game to save mana.

    Is it a good option or did I missed something smarter ?

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    I'm currently playing around the 1900 mark so not an expert.

    But i rarely use nourish. DK would be good to use nourish against, if it wasn't for all the kicks (even worse if the DK is playing with a resto shaman).

    For DKs (and other classes) we work on the principle that damage avoided costs zero mana to heal so will run on the DKs cooldowns - If we can.

    One class I will run nourish against is Windwalker. When they pop everything I've seen me spamming regrowth on a fully hotted partner and his health doesn't go up. With nourish I can heal through it.

    I think it might be good against rets when they wings. (so long as they aren't going me).

    I do try to pair nourish with innervate if i know i'm going to have spam it, which saves a load of mana.

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    I play nourish against destro locks and ret pallies. The biggest part is finding drinks early and often. This will make them start trying to stop you which means swapping off your warrior. When they go you, kite with feral affinity in travel form.
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    You should be playing focus growth,thorns,clone vs UH DK as you previously mentioned.

    Perhaps you need to try CC the DK more, for the warrior to be able to kite when he is in trouble, making it easier for you to heal!

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