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    1950 destro

    Hello, i'm playing destro spriest, hpally. We are hovering back and forth between literally 1990 and 1910 and cant seem to get that extra to push to 2k. It is leaving me demoralized because there is constantly some sort of deathknight windwalker or other form of deathknight cleave. I feel theres a major lack of warlock guides, and specifcally shadowplay guides. Is it even really viable? Xot says its an s tier comp, but i dont see it in the tournaments. i would like some feed back on how to deal with these constant melee cleaves.

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    Shadow play is traditionally played with a rsham, but also works fine with a hpal. The comp is all about rotting down your enemy, and forcing the enemy healer OOM.

    I myself have played this comp as the warlock on 2900mmr last week, some general tips I can give you would be:

    If you the warlock, are being tunneled have your SP pump out as much damage as possible, and ensuring to make good use of Life grip, Swap and also be sure to use mind control to help you survive. Realy important on lower MMR I don't see many SPs using MC as much as they should

    Make sure you use your gateway + mortal coil defensively, in most situations.

    Don't overlap defensives, you have Wall,Coil,Bop,Sac,Lifeswap,Grip,Gateway you realy shouldn't be dieing until dampening in most matchups.

    If I'm playing the warlock and I have a melee cleave tunneling me, I will generally be playing realy far back, forcing the melee into a bad position, making it easier for HOJ>Silence>Fear onto their Healer. I also play nether ward, and use the addon weak auras to help me reflect their Maledict trinkets. Some Warlocks are using tank trinkets to help them survive melee cleaves.

    Also make sure you don't let the enemy healer drink, you should have your pet on him most of the fight. You win most comps, by pumping out as much damage as possible, forcing their healer OOM this is your main win condition.
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