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    MW/DH vs Lock/Spriest

    Hey folks,

    I play MW monk and my buddy plays Havoc. We're a couple of newbs but we've steadily been improving. We normally don't have problems with double DPS but we've been running into Lock/Spriest a lot lately and we're just lost about what strat to use. I Oom pretty quickly if I peek out from behind the pillars too much and my DH just gets blown up. We also can't seem to put a dent in either of them when we try to CC and burst with Meta/WotC.

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    I would most likely go on the warlock and shut down all his chaos bolts, most likely running on Infernals, then pushing for a kill with WOTC+Meta!

    DH's have realy good leeching aswel as strong defensive's I think you should win this with ease.

    If you guys are using your Incaps/Stuns/Kicks on the bolts, I think you should be able to survive just fine and kill him before you go oom, and if you do go OOM just have your DH Incap/Slow the pet and port back to regen mana!

    And try to use your maledicts when the lock is stunned, so he can't spell reflect them.
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