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    How to beat rdru+ww as assa+healer?

    Seems like they have peels and defensives for every go with ironbark, karma and thorns. Completely out of ideas. Hard to stick to the druid with WW peels even if we manage to get his trinket.

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    Vs Rdruids you normally want to only hit them when you have Step>Kidney, otherwise any good rdruid will just kite you. In between that setup, you should just hit the WW. And play deffensive, behind the pillar forcing the Rdruid to push in and be exposed in a bad position making it easier to get back on him. It also depends abit on what kind of healer your playing with, if your playing with a Rdruid you should be looking to clone his karma or the thorns And you can also Bash off the kidney into a vortex.

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    Thanks for the reply Yesdave, I was going to ask the same question. I’m playing with a holy pally and also struggling against that comp.
    What are the things I can do when they are fist of furying? He parries all my attacks. Should I FoF?

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    You can use fan of knives or poisoned knife to generate combo points while they are channeling fists of fury.

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