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    Keybinding for rogues?

    Hi guys, Iíve been playing arenas for a long long time and have achieved a not to bad rating (2.2k). In terms of targeting arena players, I have tried mouse over macros and using over Gladius frames as well as focus macros. I know that a lot of guides recommend arena123 macros but I personally find SO hard to get used to them, besides the amount of keybinds required for every spell.

    Iím about to start playing rogue for the first time and Iím overwhelmed with the amount of abilities that could be used on arena123. My question is, do really all outstanding players use arena123 for say blind, kick, kidneyshot, sap, etc? I find this so difficult to bind and use! Or do some of them just have a target arena123 focus arena123 and one bind for the spell?

    I really want to play at high level and would love to know how most pros play.

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    It honestly comes down to personal preference, alot of top rated players purely just use focus macros, and they just swap their focus target.

    I for one use both, for instance I have focus Polymorph/CS and Arena 123 Poly/CS.

    I feel like having atleast Step>Kick on an arena 123 macro could be beneficial, as sometimes you only have a split second to land that kick.
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    To add to this, as a melee player I only use target and focus macros. For most players I would only ever advise having arena1/2/3 for casted crowd control (polymorph, fear etc.) and ranged interrupts (counterspell, wind shear etc.)

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