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    Holy and Sp

    Playing with a friend as Holy pala and sp can yo give me some tips, having problems to pass 1700 to 1800.

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    play rep //glimmerx3 so on every burst u can almost reset with hoj / rep on 1 while he mc the other and win with damp. agaist melee healer vs double dps just dont waste cc and cd hpal/sp is realy good vs double dps if u knw how to fake cast and manage your cd (bubble bop fade sac life swap etc) corect me if needed ( im not glad)

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    Your role as this is to just survive, try not to waste your bop / sacs, try to keep 3 stacks of lights grace on your SP for 15% damage reduction, Keep vamperic touch on as many targets as possible
    Aslong as you have Vt's up at around 50-60% dampening, most teams will flop to you, shadow in dampening with dots up is very dangerous,

    Try to play to live, dont try to make plays or push in and get to dampening and you'll do very well into most things, The only time you should aim to play offensive is during your shadow priests void form, then you can maybe push in for a HoJ and some damage via holy shocking and judgement to help him get his damage out.

    Against Hpalas / Disc / MW You can try and play Rep, however dotting both and short hoj is very good, most healers dispel VT off cd so you can get a lot of free Full Hoj's on the dps.

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