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    General strategies against some comps for an arms warrior

    Hi, what are the highlevel strategies against these comps:
    1) destro lock / healer
    2) arcane mage / rdruid
    5) retri / healer
    6) dk / healer

    I understand the general idea and that I have to create and snowball preassure, but against these caster cleaves sometime it feels almost impossible to leave the dps alone.

    What talents would you recommend to pick against those comps?
    Who should be the main target?

    I am playing with mw and I have stuck at ~2k cr
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    1) destruction warlock + healer

    You can just tunnel the lock while making sure to rotate pummel, storm bolt, spell reflection and ring of peace to stop chaos bolts. Feel free to use heroic leap to escape and line of sight when the warlock uses infernals, just try to escape to their healers pillar to prevent them from drinking while you wait for the infernals to fade.

    2) arcane mage + resto druid

    I don't have experience here but something you could try is playing with double time and just doing everything you can to stick to the mage. Otherwise the standard strategy of just swapping around on hots and trying to kill the resto druid with a bit of damp in a leg sweep > storm bolt combo while your monk cranes is probably your best bet.

    3) ret paladin + healer

    From what I can tell, rets seem to do quite well against arms warriors because of their 70% slow, high damage output and strong cds. You really need your healer to play well here, avoiding dying to their cooldowns by rotating cds/mobility well and letting you have a chance to "damp" them. Stick to the ret, peel their offensive cooldowns and make occasional swaps to the healer whenever they push in.

    4) dk + healer

    Warriors can actually do quite well against death knights thanks to having mortal strike and disarm. You can put most of your pressure into the dk while you occasionally hitting the healer whenever the dk is fully hotted or if the healer is pushing in. Once dampening starts to ramp up, you'll notice the dk start to drop low much easier and a well timed disarm during a warbreaker can win you the game, especially if the opposing healer is running out of mana.

    Outside of any of the matchup specific things I mentioned, your talent build pretty much remains as the default build here: http://www.skill-capped.com/content/...ior-pvp-guide/ with disarm taken over either spell reflection or war banner depending on your personal preference/the matchup (because spell reflection can still be useful for maledicts).

    The biggest thing about arms + mistweaver is that you can get a ton of pressure and score kills when your monk pushes in with crane, so try to play around setting up these kill windows. Also, your monk shouldn't be afraid to go for drinks often while you sit in defensive stance and try to live. You can even trade stuff like intimidating shout and storm bolt so that you can survive while your monk drinks.

    Hope this helps.

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