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    Rogue Lock 2s

    I have a really close IRL friend who plays Warlock and iím playing rogue. We want to play double dps 2s. What specs/talents should we play? What strategies we must follow? Basicly any bit of information is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    And its kinda off topic but what is the best class a warlock can play with as double dps 2s?

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    What is the best class warlock can play with in double dps? The answer to that is either Ele shaman or rogue, I've seen both of these comps played at decent rating, and are your best options actually!

    What you're aiming to do as rogue/lock is trying to kill as fast as possible right since you have no healer?
    In which case you want to try and bait enemy CD's, for example. The rogue can blind the healer, (While the warlock is hitting the dps and getting embers) If the healer trinkets, you can use shield wall + all cds Kidney him, infernal and chaos bolt him to death. However if the healer does not trinket you can just continue the CC chain with a sap out of it and kill the dps you were hitting.
    However you're on a small time frame since you have no healer, so you have to do this quite quickly.

    since you did not specify what specs you guys were i print screened all the specs i thought you'd most likely be:

    Destro lock talents: https://gyazo.com/566a247c79ed502a1eeed4f86e718405

    Sub rogue talents: https://gyazo.com/59d253b81ccae714394a8724df509907

    Assa rogue talents: https://gyazo.com/90409638b65da3380ec82e722948a8e7

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