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    Splay Questions

    Splay w/resto druid, playing as lock POV 2300-2400 MMR

    1. Roaring blaze/cremation build - Is this really worthwhile? The RB dot usually comes out to 3% of my total damage. Feels relatively inconsequential.

    2. Matchup vs. Arms/BM/rsham - They train the priest. I can dispel most traps. But it feels really difficult to counter-pressure effectively. I can get out damage, but really hard to line up really big damage. They go in and force dispersion then run away. Next go they get a trinket. Eventually we just die either before damp or really early on. It feels like this matchup shouldn't be that hard - what are we doing wrong?

    3. Matchup vs. melee(arms/DK/WW)/destro/healer - This feels awful and is probably our biggest issue since it's a fairly common comp. Sometimes they sit on me, sometimes they sit on the SP. If they sit on the SP I can usually get a random kill on the healer inside of a stun/silence with banish on the pet/fear on the lock. If they sit on me we can get enough pressure to force CDs, but it doesn't feel good at all. DKs can't die, monks feel like a trap with port/karma & warriors just feel like a waste of time early in the game before dampening. At the end of the day, it just feels like the lock/warrior have 100% efficient uptime and whoever they sit on is at best going at 70% efficiency.

    4. Matchup vs DH/DK/healer - We are gripping mana burns as often as we can but as most of our wins come down to winning on mana by pushing out PVE damage and not letting the opposing healer drink the DH mana burns + epidemic from DK feels like a total counter to this strategy. Any thoughts on what we can do? We've tried things like sitting on a global to stun the DH as soon as he stuns to prevent the burn but this doesn't feel consistent.

    5. Matchup vs. RMPala - this is usually 50/50 but maybe you have some other tips. I double coil during each kidney and try to save lockouts for ROF. But sometimes i have to kick a GP and this sets up a chain on our healer. But more importantly our biggest problem is reliably getting enough counter-pressure to force CDs. I think the issue is positioning. They usually sit the SP. If we sit too far into the open we let them open goes with a GP if they get a fear on me or blink LOS of my pet. If we sit too close to a pillar they nova us on the other side and cast out of our LOS. If we stack we get triple DB'd. Our kills usually come down to me stopping mage peels during CDs (reflect poly/lock arcane/juke CS) and just rotting the team with my CDs. But it's really slow and grindy.

    6. Matchup vs. feral or arms/WW/hpal - we only saw this once but it was bad. hpal is real aggressive with melee wings and chases the druid trying to hoj/rep out of form while the druid casts clone. One of these ends up landing and they force my wall with triple mala + melee wings + touch of death. Druid also clones me low. Not sure whether rep or clone is more important to stop. Anyways, after this the feral destroys me with incarn + no wall. We lasted until dampening but the matchup felt really bad. I'm used to dealing with the struggle of casting into double melee, but this felt abnormally bad - trinket/double kick/storm bolt/incap/leg sweep/fear/rake/clone were all saved just to stop my damage.

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    1) Yes, whenever you know a team is going to go your lock or generally just line both of you this spec is worth it.

    2) Probably sounds like a issue with positioning, try to have ur priest stand completly max range so they have to travel the entire map to get onto him, save your coils for peeling and really the only cc they should have is stormbolt as you can trinket fear and dispel all traps, have your priest look to kite with fade and line the rsham if purges become a big issue, also take into account how important kiting or ccing bassilisk is, either have ur priest fade and get away or spam fear it, the damage it deals is insane if left to chomp on you, but yeah don't stand at a spot where they can easily just retreat, if they do that you should be able to force things or at least not die until the shaman is oom.

    3) This is honestly really hard for your comp, however just try to get damage out and abuse the fact the team has a melee and force the enemy healer out of the pillar, it's just all about lining during the locks infernals and then just taking the game into damp and trying to score a kill, but yeah there isn't really anything special i can tell you about these sort of matchups, destro melee is a very hard matchup for shadowplay.

    4) Yeah you've got the right strat, the idea is to just have your healer avoid as many burns as possible this can be done by mcing the demon hunter as he's going to purge, as your healer is a druid he can also wild charge out of the burn if playing relentless meaning the enemy demon hunter can only get it from double stuns or incaps, but for the most part tell your druid to simply play as far away as possible and constantly go for drinks, you'll be able to force the enemy healer in bad positions doing this as he's the one whos going to take the most damage forcing them to spend the most mana, but simply save coils + mind control stuns everything to delay burns, as if your healer plays max range at all times the demon hunter is goign to have to constantly chase. Also remember your priest can dispel diseases whenever your druid wants to drink.

    5) This should be a relatively easy matchup, just play in a triangle formation with ur druid as far away as he can, just have ur priest use EVERYTHING to stop greater pyros, same with the warlock, EVERYTHING, either fear the end of his cast, coil it, cs it, stun it, silence it. Put everything on him and more, if you cant fear have ur priest mc fade etc list goes on. Play as defensive as possible and you should always win this matchup on mana and just general pressure, but yeah as you said this matchup generally goes very late game simply due to greater pyro being so annoying to play vs, but when we face this the mage really only gets a few off a game, you can also dispel combustion instantly most of the time meaning as long as you use cooldowns on vendetta there really shouldn't be that much pressure coming out of the enemy team.

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