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    Train Kick?

    Hey Guys,

    Do you have any tips on how to train your kick to get less faked?

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    Practice waiting until the end of the cast to land your interrupt. Another option is to go for an interrupt right at the start but this is a lot more risky.

    Landing interrupts at any other point of the cast tends to be more of a mind game with your opponent and can change throughout the game. Try to identify what patterns the opposing healer fakes with. For example if I notice a healer tends to keep faking at around 70-90%, I'm much more likely to try and interrupt them at around 50%. Whereas if a healer is usually faking near the start, I'll try to interrupt them at the end.

    Another great tip is to try and combo your interrupts with a stun. The threat of the incoming stun can generally make healers a lot more likely to try and finish their cast because it's important for them to top themselves.

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