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    2s when to use avenging crusader?

    Hi guys, Iím a rogue and playing with a holy pally on 2s and we are wondering against what comps we should talent avenging crusader? Or what comps / classes this is a no no?

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    It mostly comes down to preference, however avenging crusader is usually not picked in any situation since 1) it costs 10% of your mana 2) it actually does less damage than sanctified wrath since you're able to put out a lot of damage with holy shock and judgment during avenging wrath, and 3) holy paldadins are able to use the ret paladin trait Light's Dcree which increases the duration of their sanctified wrath by 5 seconds. This means combined with the sanctified wrath talent and the light's dcree trait holy paladins can have avenging wrath active for 30+ seconds while avenging crusader is only active for 20 seconds.

    Hope this helped you!

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    Are we still sticking with Sanctified wrath this season?

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    Yeah, it seems so, with the addition of the wings essence, randomly proccing melee wings doesnt seem very good, however randomly proccing normal wings with sancified wrath seems very insane for burst healing.

    Most hpals i've seen this season go with sanctified wrath

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