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    struggling as hpala vs rogue

    Hi there, whenever i play into a rogue, i often lose, like 80% of the time. Going through my match history i can see 80% of losses is to rogues. I'm playing with a ww monk and whenever he kills enemy healer i die as well and he ends up in a 1v1 and loses it. What can i do to survive better against rogues? it's a really tough match for me. Hoping for some tips on what i could do in order to prevent the rogue from melting me. Best regards

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    Hey, so i'll try and explain it as good as i can, however you might want to consider hitting the rogue, windwalkers can lock down rogue's really well and you can play with repentance instead, this should make it a lot easier to survive versus rogues. If you do decide to train the enemy healer and the enemy rogue trains you position yourself behind a pillar, the goal is to get stunned far away from the enemy healer behind a pillar every time, this means he wont be able to do damage on you while you're stunned since your windwalker will stop the enemy healer from getting to you.

    Against rogue in 2s i play with blessed hands, divine favor, and light's grace as pvp talents, you dont really need ultimate sacrifice since windwalkers have a strong cooldown kit of their own. This means you can rotate your cooldowns by having 2 bops, a trinket, bubble, and wings. Try to use a cooldown for every kidney shot, for example you can wings when you come out of a kidney shot and quickly top yourself with divine favor, then trinket can be used on the next kidney shot. If you get stunned without a cooldown to use always use divine protection instantly when getting stunned. Bop and Bubble should be used on kidney shots when the rogue commits vendetta since this will completely remove vendetta from yourself.

    Hope this helps!

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