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    hpal race

    hi i was wondering what u think is now the best race for hpal in arena horde side. zandalari have paku (4%crit on proc) and regen. blood elves got 1% crit and purge and cow got warstomp / 2% crit dmg and some stam .
    i was thinking troll where best but regenerating feels not that game changing and taurent warstomp dr with hoj and belf purge make u vulnerable of getting cced when going in what are ur tough on that .

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    I enjoy Zandalari troll. The crit is nice for holy shocks and the bubble/racial heal is rare but a nice touch. Facials are so close nowadays that it just preference. I love the ZT model with my xmog

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    I don't think you're going to win or lose games based on race these days. If anything, tauren is probably the best racial as you can use it to get casts off.

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