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    Prot warr in arenas.

    I saw videos of Vultz in which he faced a Prot Warr in 3x3. I then thought about ... and on what occasions would someone choose prot warr in x2 or x3 instead of arms or fury? It may have a long survival, but it does not have a low damage?

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    Tanks in arena at the minute have a lot of utility to help their team survive, all of your games will be extremely long, however most of them will come down to very high dampening games where its just hard for them to out heal the damage you do.

    In the US meta right now I've noticed that there's a few tank teams on the ladder at high rating, however that's a lot different to the EU Meta where tanks at the minute at non existent to my knowledge (at least at high rating)

    If you want fun games i'd go arms or fury, if you want really long games, still a chance at losing (because being a tank doesn't make you immune to losing) then you could play tank.

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    I can tell you I've had a very positive experience as prot war this season. I qued 2s with a dh shortly after hitting 120 I had 0 azerite traits an my ilvl was 320 the dh was ilvl 375. We went 10 an 0 to 1400s. We lost a couple because of gear. I got my ilvl up to 370 an had 2 azerite rings unlocked. I qued 3s with a ssn 1 dualist ww his cr was 1600 and ilvl 390 an a rival resto d ilvl 390 cr 1600. I was 0 cr. We went 22 an 2 ended with mmr at 2046 the druid an we hit 1800 for the first time all season with me. My background highest career cr 2145 . Current season I have 3 toons at 1800s all 3 405 ilvl. 2 are healers 1 is dps. I'm going to push prot for the remainder of the season. As a casual player will see where it goes. Personally I think no one posts about prot war comps because they want it kept quiet fearing nerfs or mass rerolls . There is very little content on it. I recamend figuring it out on your own. It's cheese roll but extremely fun. The games are not long. We won almost all of our games 3 mins in. Our 2 losses were to the same enemy team . Ww an fury rdruid. On blades edge. The enemy rdruid was free casting cc on me an ww prioritizing me. Enemy dps were able to kill our healer after 5 to 8 mins. Prot war is fun an viable at least up to 2k mmr. Who knows after that.

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