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    Change My Mind's RPD/RPPala: How Did It Get So Far?

    I would really enjoy a look into how exactly Change My Mind piloted this Rogue/Spriest/Druid and Rogue/Spriest/Pala to 4th at the Spring Finals, despite only having 3 players to work with. I know it's not on your tier list, but I feel that makes analyzing it even more important, given the unexpected success that this comp had there. I feel it is at least worth talking about, even if it's considered a below C-tier comp in the hands of regular players

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    It was a combination of no PvE gear, abusing perfect stats on TR (tons of versatility on the SP), the fact that shadow priests are pretty much a soft counter to resto druids and their opponents not playing as well as they should have which allowed them to go so far with the comp.

    On paper, the series against Wildcard Gaming should not have ended with CMM coming out on top, but that's just how things go in a tournament setting. One team can play quite poor while the other plays an unconventional comp and steals the series.

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