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    what to do vs warr or dk's

    Im looking for help vs teams that have warrior or dk. I'm playing resto druid with my gf that started playing wow a few months ago. She only wants to play MM hunter and refuses to play survival or bm. We played over 450 matches this season and she really get a grip how to play arenas. Now my question is, what to do vs warr/healer or dk/healer. we are really struggling vs their pressure. Who to focus and who to cc. we tried to focus healer and cc dps but then healer goes LOS and she cant do much dmg to them by then the warr gets out of cc and starts slamming me or her and if we try to cc healer and focus dps we cant burts him quick enough due to disarm. Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Apologies for the late reply, maybe you dont need the info anymore?
    However i'll still reply since i owe that you that much:
    There's multiple things you can do, you can do cc chains on the healer Stun > trap > clone x3 > stun > trap etc etc etc -- OR you can try to cc the dk / warrior and go healer in STUNS (Ccing the dps meaning clones and traps etc)
    You'll need feral affinity for this, Getting the oblivion spear trinket helps with this too, there's also a trinket from AH right now (in 8.2) called that does insane damage throughout the game, just search in highbourne and you'll find it!

    No melee outside of major mobility cooldowns eg: deaths advance / grip / leap +charge, they should never toch you outside of these, make it impossible for them if they connect to you, thorns your self and slowly kite away in bear, or travel form, it will force them off you or they'll die
    Maintain hots, if you're struggling to heal these sort of comps, it could be due to not maintaining hots throughout the game, each hot you have increases you healing by X% (your mastery percentile number) meaning you'll do infinately more healing with more hots up, tranq + wild growth included.

    If she's insistant on playing MM, try to do the same as i said with the druid gameplay, try to max range at all times, you're a ranged class not a melee class.

    Sorry for the late reply, i hope i could still give you some tips!

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