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    do we have to oom the healer before we land a kill?

    hey am a Rdruid who finished at 2.6k cr last season and then took a break, came back about 2 weeks ago and been trying to get rating but i have a big issue with this season. it feels like this season its all about whichever healer ooms first and as long as you play decently you will not die from anything else. last season i used to play turbo and just sit back and heal for most of the game and just defend really well, however this season it feels like this is not working at all even though i've tried a couple S/A tier comps, am currently playing with lfg players to try and adapt to the meta / farm gear so idk if am the one at fault or they simply dont know how to deal damage and setups properly to land kills before the enemy healer goes oom.

    1)Should i try feral affinity in certain comps/matchups to get some more dmg in during burst windows?
    2)Should i be cycloning the dps when they get low after my team's burst?

    i really have no idea what am i supposed to do atm i would appreciate some help thanks in advance!

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    1) Feral affinity is only really used in 2v2, since a lot of things in 3's can punish you a lot harder.
    Generaly only used against casters and melee's you can kite very well. such as rets and mages for an example one of of each.

    2) Cloning a dps when they are low is always a great option. However don't greed this, what i mean by this is dont ALWAYS cyclone when they are low. this can deny you some kills sometimes. Pick you moments

    3) An answer to your overlying question of having to oom healers to win. No. You can win with incredibly long CC chains or a lot of raw damage. Or simply outplaying them via kicks and well timed stuns

    Sorry for the late answer, i replied to this a really long time ago, but the reply didnt go through because i didnt reload the page and it timed out. I apologise.

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