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    Sub 2x2, double dps comp.

    What talent is better to use in double dps comp in 2x2?
    Sub + Dark or Night + Env?
    And what honor talentes? Always pick CB, SB and SD? OR i change in some situations?
    Use Elusiveness or Shooting Darkness?
    And about openers:
    From stealth - Shadow Blade, Cheap Shot, NightBlade, Shadow Dance, Use-On+ Racial, Cool Blood, Shadow Strike, Symbols, Shadow Strike, Kidney, Marked, Evis, ShadowStrike, Shadow Dance, Cheap Shot and Evis
    Shadow Blade, Cheap Shot, NightBlade, Shadow Dance, Cool Blood, Symbols, Use-On + Racial, Shadow Strike, Shadow Strike, Kidney, Marked, Evis, Shadow Strike, Shadow Dance, Cheap Shot and Evis?
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    sub + dark allows you to recover from some mistakes, since subterfuge allows you to get some saps that you wouldnt usually without it, however then dance management becomes a problem, both are totally valid specs, it's just personal preference.

    If you're playing double dps, CB / SB / SD are pretty much all mandatory since all have way more value than any of the others.

    Elusiveness out values absolutely everything else on that tier, 30% damage reduction is nothing to scoff at, and when used correctly can make you very very tanky for a short period of time.

    The first opener you typed out was fine, except for the fact you're kidneying your kill target which is really bad in double dps 2v2, since you want kidney always for the off target / healer, so just re-cheapshoting is totally fine.

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