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    WW, 2x2.

    How to play, talents, traits, comps, how setups, when force CDs...

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    I can't speak about making a video, however here's a few pointers for you to think about

    Comps in 2v2, Rdruid / ww > MW / Ww > Rsham / Ww > Hpal/ Ww > Disc / Ww - In that order

    As for talents / traits i suggest you copy Rezuz, one of the best WW'ers playing the game at the minute, he does unreal damage with this gear.

    As for when to force Cd's? Just do consistent damage all game, touch of death when you have a stun available, Use your incap to be able to connect with a stun. IE - Druid comes out of bear form, you incap him, then stun him (a lot more damage)

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