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    Unhappy Becoming better

    Hey guys, i've been playing wow for a wille, and i finally gor that 2.2k achiv in legion. Even tho i dont play for rating, ( not until season is close to end at least) i feel like i became worst. Im stuck at 1.9/2k cr and doesnt look like ill get much more.
    Even tho my focus is to improve, by reading forums watching vids idk how i can improve my skills. Somethimes i feel like i need better partners. Sometimes i feel like i suck. I play both sp/destro and botu classes stuck at same cr.
    What else can i do?

    Ps: most of my partners in legion are glads now... makes me even sadder to see that im not getting better...

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    There's a lot of aspects of getting better as a player that need to happen before you simply just " get better " ~ Watching the videos and reading the forums can only go so far.
    People can tell you X and Y and Z and you can do all of those things but if your team doesn't have the same mindset as you, you wont win.
    My first tip of becoming better is playing hundreds / thousands of games and just knowing the meta and knowing EVERYTHING about the game, for example i've played over 7500 2s games this season and around 2000 3s games, i know the meta in and out (I'd like to think so at least) so spamming games helps a lot.

    General tips for 2s and 3s, if you're on voice with your partners, call EVERYTHING out, question EVERYTHING, for example. Every time you're casting fear, tell your team who you're fearing, when you have double coil up in 5 seconds, say that and say " I have double coil in 5 we'll be fine " (If you're in trouble)
    Once i started doing this i honestly went up +700 rating. I literally call everything out, say nearly every global i do, it helps you and your team more than you know; now you might think how does this help you?
    It creates thought processes in your head, an example for me is, " I feared druid, He trinketed, we can kill him next stun " - constantly talking all game will improve your overall awareness which is one of the main things for getting better in arena

    Now i could type a lot more about gearing / having the right partners etc, however i guess you don't want to hear all that repeated to you, the best advice i can give you is spam play & improve your awareness, then arena becomes scripted, because you'll know what is going to happen and what SHOULD happen; because after X amount of games you'll start noticing patterns in people and you can find openings for wins easier.

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