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    Targeting/omnibar set up questions

    How do you guys target during arena as dps, Do you guys tab target? I do set up a focus and have modifiers to target the focus. Or do you still use target arena 1,2,3 along with the focus?.

    In omnibar I see on the streams a lot of players have it set up to just show the cd when the ability is used, I set up my omnibar the way the video on here was set up, so is there a setting to have the cd only visable when the cd is used? so it doesn't crowd my screen as much? or do you guys not recommend that set up for omnibar? thanks!

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    I tab target (I mostly play melee) and have focus 1/2/3 binds as well as a bunch of focus abilities. I also have arena1/2/3 binds for specific abilities.

    You can set up omnibar however you want. It's usually recommended to only show abilities when they are used if you're fully aware of the abilities that the enemy team has. Just uncheck the box 'Show Unused Icons'.

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