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    Alt char.

    Is it necessary to have an alt of the same class / spec or have only one character?
    I ask this because I see that a lot of streamers have 2, 3 sometimes 4 characters of the same class and spec.

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    There is any number of reasons to have an alt of the same class and spec.

    Some streamers have a character they boost on. They might have one on alliance, one on horde to maximise players they can play with. Ones they can play casually for fun. Others that they push rating on.

    It's not required and multiplies the amount of gearing you have to do - the amount of games you have to play to gear up, so it's very much dependant on the free time you have to play as well.

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    As rfwarrior said, there's mostly just two reasons to have multiple characters of the same class. The main reason is to play both Alliance + Horde. Beyond that you can also have one to push rating on and one to play without worrying about dropping rating.

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