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    Elemental: fast game build

    Here Is a build to play fast match up like double dps 2v2 ?
    Because with the standard "one shot build" based on stormkeeper + earthshock, I never had enough time to reach the maelstrom needed, I just do one, maybe two, lasso and instant lava but that s all.
    Ice fury Is viable option ?

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    There isn't too much you can do to increase your "one shot" potential outside of the standard build. Bare in mind that when you have your fire elemental out your maelstrom generation is quite high, so simply getting your fire elemental out and casting stormkeeper before starting to burst someone down will easily let you do a ton of instant damage with your two lightning bolts, instant lava bursts, earth shocks and lasso.

    You can spec into surge of power if you want for slightly more burst but it gives you much less consistent damage than primal elementalist which is quite important if you're not scoring a kill in just a few seconds.

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