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    Prowl drink macro

    Looking for help with a prowl/stealth drink macro for Druid

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    I have a macro on my druid thats simply just

    /cast Cat form
    /use Rockskip Mineral Water

    Then when you're OFF global, it'll do both, then i simply press stealth, Because having drink and prowl in the same macro can backfire sometimes too, since prowl has a CD, and you sometimes want to get a re-stealth before someone can get to you.
    EG: You run behind a pillar, press this macro, start drinking, enemy DPS runs to you to stop the drink, you enter stealth, walk away from him, drink again, making it harder for him.
    Also having a dot on your self doesnt break the drink, however it'd break the stealth meaning you'd just waste the stealth CD.
    Hope what i said made sense

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