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    how to lead 2s VS a team with a RDRUID

    Hello everybody,
    i started playing lock recently, i have some difficulties to down teams with rdruid, as a lock what do u recommend me to do to counter the rdruid in 2s and make pressure.

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    I'd suggest you play with a resto druid your self, and tell him to play feral affinity, it'll help you a lot when wanting to lock someone down when you cannot fear or use your other CC's to get a big chaos bolt off, because your druid will be constantly sitting on the enemy resto druid doing damage to him and forcing him into your line, also they have a multitude of stuns (rake stuns & mighty bash) which will help you further doing damage to them when they get stunned in your line of sight.

    Other small tips for facing rdruid ~ Some locks don't know this at lower ratings, however your felhunter has a purge ability, it removes important magical effects like hots (most importantly, soul of the forest) if you're able to pet-purge this, the rdruid will have a much harder time healing his team with some dampening, since this is why rdruids can heal so long into dampening.

    Use your coil efficiently, what i mean by this is use it to get a full fear onto them so you can cast 1 or 2 chaos bolts on them.

    Other than those things it's just simple things like spamming fears to bait kicks from the enemy DPS so you can freecast chaos bolts without being interrupted or stopped, using your conflag root to be able to hit them before they line of sight you.

    Hope i could help

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