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    Cool Playstyle for WW/DK RDRUID

    me and my friends are going to be playing this comp just looking for a few play style pointers and what matches would be not in our favor. Pretty much we talk over the targets in the beginning of the match but we are never sure exactly who to be going for. we kind of wing it and see what happens. any pointers would be greatly appreciated

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    WW DK is good at training down a single target based on the comp you're facing and what they're doing. For example, if an RMPala is training your healer, it's best to sit on the rogue. But if they're training your monk, you should go on the mage.

    Against most destro lock teams, you'll just sit on the destro lock all game. Same goes for disc priests, you'll usually train them all game (unless it's rmp in which case you can train the mage).

    Against melee cleaves, it's good to swap around and make use of grip + leg sweep to get pressure on the healer. This is especially true against resto druids where you don't just want to tunnel into the same target all game while they have full hots.

    To summarize, your target choice is super dependent on the matchup and will pretty much always change based on slight variations on the enemy teams playstyle and their comp. It's just going to come down to experience and making the right calls mid game to figure out who you should be attacking.

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