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    question regarding skill gap

    I finished at 2.6 and 2.4 in the first and second season of bfa respectively as a Rdruid however i want to go higher than that and i dont exactly know how to go about it. So my question is this: are the higher rated players doing something different from the ones at my rating or are they simply better/cleaner on the things they do? you can argue that its both for sure but which one is it more? Should i try to refine my kiting/healing/timings/etc. or try to add some other element into my skillset like learning more about the other classes/combos and know the match-ups better?

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    I think it's important to remember that WoW is a team game. While you can do everything in your power to refine your own individual skill and improve your capabilities to 'carry' the game, if you're not working towards improving as a team player and with a team, you're going to struggle to climb.

    I'm of course talking about things like communication, adapting to each others play style, learning strategies together so you all know what to do etc.

    I think once you're playing at around the 2.4-2.6, that's definitely going to be the next step in climbing higher. That and making sure you're playing meta comps that are actually good or even overpowered.

    You can then try to refine your individual skill on a game to game basis by recording and watching your game play back later (this is something you should definitely be able to do if you're playing over 2.4).

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